Posts tagged with Depression

  1. Emotions.

    23 Nov 2021

    emotion/ɪˈməʊʃ(ə)n/Learn to pronouncenoun a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.”she was attempting to control her emotions”There is something melancholic yet sweet about feeling depressed. As hollow and empty as it makes you feel, there’s always a flicker of light at the end that…

  2. The House Of Black Butterflies.

    24 Feb 2020

    This house in particular has always stayed inside my mind. Sat alone between the quiet trees of Blackwood forest it remained isolated and lonely. Every window was boarded with not a glimmer of light inside. Though not much was left behind from the former souls who lived here, one room…

  3. Anxiety.

    27 Jan 2020

    ”Anxiety can be something so painful that you feel like climbing the stairs is a walk that lasts forever. Fear and the sound of your heart inside your head can make you blind to what is actually around you.” Breathing. Breathing is the most important thing you can do. When…

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