The Hell House

Given the location by a dear friend, the title Hell House did not make me stray from it. Sneaking past the neighbours was easy apart from stepping on the litter of dog toys. Once inside It became apparent why its name came to be. On the floor were the skeletons of cats & dogs. The air was the foulest of poison. From the history I learnt, the former owner succumbed to Alzheimer’s & left the dogs to fend for themselves. The french piano was the only object left inside that still held its beauty.

The skeletons of the dogs & cats remained on the floor in the living room. Junk, clothes & cobwebs stayed in every corner. The smell was the foulest thing I have ever come across. I placed some candles I found upstairs on the piano & lit up the room. What always makes me wonder is, how could this old woman seal her pets alive inside the home to rot?. This is truly one of the most evil homes I have ever explored.

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